Warwick Finney – Commercial Dispute Resolution

Warwick Finney - chartered accountant, commercial dispute resolutionWarwick Finney specialises in:

Warwick Finney has practiced as a Chartered Accountant for many years and has been a partner in major accounting firms, Deloitte and PKF. He continues to practice all forms of litigation support and forensic services as well as alternative dispute resolution services including acting as a mediator or arbitrator or providing expert determinations.

chartered accountantHis professional experience and current practice includes conducting mediations, providing litigation support services comprising the conduct of investigations, preparing expert reports, and acting as an expert witness. This frequently has entailed the valuation of businesses and companies operating in a range of different industries. He has had extensive experience including being receiver/manager for significant operating businesses, the audit partner on a number of audits, both large and small to medium sized businesses, and the provision of financial advice to numerous companies across many industries.

Warwick is accredited as a mediator by the Resolution Institute (formally both the Institute of Arbitrators & Mediators and LEADR) and is a member of the Australian Commercial Dispute Centre’s Panel of Mediators. He also has appeared as an expert witness in numerous commercial matters in the Supreme Court of New South Wales, the Federal Court of Australia and the New South Wales District Court. He has also provided expert determinations in a number of disputes conducted outside the authority of the Courts and has acted as an arbitrator in a number of matters.

Warwick is a co-author of the book, published by CCH, “The Accountant as an Expert Witness: A Basic Guide to Forensic Accounting”.