Forensic Services

Forensic services or litigation support is a large part of the services offered.

Expert reports and expert witness  I believe that reports used in connection with litigation need to be prepared to a high standard and in a form which will be readily understood by a court.  My reports demonstrate the independence and objectivity  required when testimony is to be given by an accounting expert.

My experience extends to reviewing reports prepared by other experts and assisting legal counsel in assessing such reports and preparing for cross-examination.

Assessment of damages  An early assessment of likely damages can avoid costly fees in pursuing actions that may not be cost effective.  An expert accountant may be able to give a “back of the envelope” indication of the quantum of damages that may arise as a result of liability being established.  This can often assist the legal team in understanding the quantum of damages that may be awarded.  A commercial decision, based on a cost/benefit analysis could then be made to pursue, abandon or settle a claim.

Claims for damages usually require expert quantification and this is an area where my services can be of value.

Professional negligence  I have had an extensive involvement with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and have acted as an advocate for the Institute in presenting cases to its Professional Conduct and Appeal Tribunals dealing with a range of matters including professional negligence.

This is an area where knowledge of accounting and auditing standards are essential.  Accountants also have to comply with a code of professional conduct and my experience in these areas enables me to provide expert advice and reports for use in negligence actions.

Financial investigations  Such investigations may include due diligence reviews or investigations in connection with litigation.